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“Thoughts for MR Cameron on Ofcom” July 16, 2010

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For anybody who has the pleasure of meeting with Ofcom for the first time, you will probably be struck by two things. Firstly the opulence of their Thames side offices and secondly the pure scale of the operation. An operation of this size and prestige surely can get things done :@). However I found myself sitting in the ITSPA  (Internet Service providers Association) summer forum meeting wondering what really was their worth.

First we heard from the Service providers about the existing total nightmare which is the UK porting system  which is both time consuming, costly and really inhibits competition & ultimately hurts customers. We then heard about the way the mobile operators fluctuate their wholesale costs ensuring its nearly impossible for a small provider to predict their cash flow on a month by month basis.

Finally we had BT open reach come and present FVA (fibre voice access), well this presentation made me think I was having ground hog moment. About 6 months earlier the same team had present Vonga from BT. I felt sorry for the team as this product appeared as relevant to the audience as the last time they presented (not very relevant) and the design was driven a lot by the regulatory requirements put on BT by Ofcom.  If you want to read more visit my friends Tref blog entry: http://www.trefor.net/2010/07/13/vonga-is-dead-long-live-fva-openreach/#more-2975

I then had  a beer  with a guy from Skype one of the biggest telecoms operators in the world who still appear to be outside of OFCOMs control because they are a “Software Company”, although they now are offering business based SIP trunking :@).

I then went and read the ofcom report and realised we are paying ed richards and it appears another 10 or so people large salaries, MR Richards securing £381,000 in Benefits in 2009/10 not bad for a civil servant. Better not tell MR Cameron he will want his job.

So recommendation for Mr Cameron

– End lease on Thameside mansion (the telecoms industry promote flexible/home working so introduce it at ofcom, BT for instance have implemented this extrememly well in their business, probably need a building half the size).

– Explore if really all those people need to be employed and senior salaries and Fees !!!

– Focus on two or 3 things that really make a difference – Porting (top of list)

– Ensure there is a level playing field so Skype, & other UK VoIP companies are dealt with in a same manner

Skype Business SIP trunking July 14, 2010

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I had not paid much attention to Skype Business services recently, however it appears their Sip for Skype (SIP trunking) BETA is growing momentum with announcements from Grandstream, Audiocodes & VOsky of compatibility.


If they continue to execute this strategy the question will be what channel can  they establish to take this to market, or will they be able to sell directly of the web. Also it will be interesting how long the regulator sees them as a “software” company.

Announcing VoIP Blog July 7, 2010

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As many of the readers of this Blog will know Matt Townend & his company illume has been researching and publishing data on the VoIP market for over 5 years. This Blog has been set up both to communicate those ongoing trends but also as a forum for people in the industry to discuss issues affecting VoIP. So just like to welcome everybody and hope in the coming months you will find the entries both interesting and they will help stimulate debate.

Hello world! July 7, 2010

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