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Tata enter VoIP market with tipicall (convergence summit contd) October 7, 2010

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Well as usual the second day of the convergence summit started a bit bleary eyed for most. One of my first discussions was with tipicall (part of tata) who had launched their new VoIP services into the UK market.

Tipicall announced a Hosted IP PBX service, Hosted Global Contact Centre & SIP trunking as well as a inbound voice and broadband service. The services are based on Sonus infrastructure and Collab application environments. It will be interesting to see if they get channel traction for this service.  Also channel veteran Bart Delgados new venture Akixi was featured, Akixi has an impressive cloud based call centre reporting, and announced a deal with hosted VoIP provider Vocienet to offer the service to Voicenets customer base.

Other highlights for me were the presentation from http://www.cloudcomputingcentre.co.uk, who discussed the market for virtualisation and cloud based computing which seems buoyant currently.  I still have a nagging thought that carriers should be doing better at providing these sorts of services themselves rather than leaving it to these sought of third parties. The clear themes of the summit this year was the emergence of ethernet services & the ongoing growth of VoIP services including SIP Trunking.

I ended my time at the convergence summit listening to a session on the future of communications, with leading lights from the industry which frankly left me disappointed at the lack of forward looking thinking. With the panel talking about the continued sales of analogue pbx and the major innovation for the coming year being call recording. I cannot really understand how a PBX vendor can be happy to sell analogue pbx to a customer knowing that the industry is moving to IP leaving that customer with legacy technology. Well on balance I though the convergence summit was one of the most interesting i have been to in the last few years, and look forward to next years event.


Location Location not as important with FTTC October 6, 2010

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While at the convergence summit, I was talking to a number of people about the new Fibre to the Cabinet role out . A number of interesting comments were made, one vendor highlighted that actually being close the an exchange maybe a hindrance to in terms of receiving new higher bandwidth services, as the service will potentially not be able to be offered from the exchange itself as the cross talk caused from Vdsl would potentially interfere with other broadband services in an exchange environment. In other words if you do not have your services delivered via a cabinet and are actually to close to the exchange you will not benefit from these services. Also other vendors highlighted that there had been issues with the noise cause by the new cabinets potentially leading to consumer complaints, and one player said that he had heard that some cabinets had been broken into for the battery. These problem may drive more focus on a fibre to the premise program

Friends Gossip & Gambling October 6, 2010

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While attending the convergence summit yesterday I was pleased to meet one of my best friends in business Sue Davidson, Sue had great news as she informed me that on Monday she had been appointed as a Director of the Servassure business owned by Daisy. Sue has a tremendous track record  and i am sure she will be a real hit at Servassure, a business i think as a unique set of skills and potential.

The other theme of the show for me was discussions and appetite for Merger & Acquisitions, the news about of Viatel being purchased, and Alternative networks purchasing Scalable Networks sent rumours around the floor. With various people asking illume for assistance.  I also felt slightly responsible for a Irish invasion as a number of my clients from the emerald Isle also attended, with Emutex SIP trunking PBX getting a good response from potential partners.  The day was finished with an evening event where i was kindly hosted by Vegastream (the leading Gateway manufacturer), the table was great fun being flanked by Trefor Davies of Timico “tefor.net”(also know as the bird man of Lincoln) and Alistair Buck of Viatel. We ended up with a free casino where Trefor nearly broke the bank with his flagrant risk taking approach. Anyway off to the show again now to find out more.

Convergence Summit Day 1 October 6, 2010

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Day 1 of the convergence summit was well attended with myself & Stephanie Watson from MZA starting the conference program speaking to a full house. Stephanie did a thorough review of the PBX market , she told the audience how the UK shipments of pbx extensions fell sharply by 23% to just over 2.1 million. Stephanie’s presentation also demonstrated the dominance of Avaya now they have purchased Nortel with 30% of new shipments coming from them in 2009. I presented on SIP trunking/hosted market showing the figures previously published on this blog with a hosted market of just under 500,000 & SIP trunking of 160,000 channels in June, we will publish new figures here in the coming month.

Other highlights for me of the day included talking to the Snom team who introduced to me their new Snom One product. This product is a Software based IP telephone system, that look like the Swyx approach. Although initially for enterprise it is also going to be available for carriers. This is a strategic move away from just selling handsets for snom and it will be interesting to see how they progress with this strategy. Also i visited Voiceflex who announced recording in the cloud for their SIP trunking services yesterday, this trend to put more features in the cloud is one illume expects to see continued in the coming year.

Viatel purchased by MDNX October 4, 2010

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This morning the purchase of Viatel by MDNX was confirmed, MDNX is a new brand, based on the Viatel and Solution 1 business. The  business is lead by Mark Thompson of  Vanco & Reliance Globalcom fame. The MDNX website and Viatel information is below