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Hosted VoIP breaks 600,000 seats February 18, 2011

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Hosted VoIP Market Breaks 600,000 seats at year end
Well the year ended for Hosted VoIP with a buoyant 4th quarter, with the year ending on 613914 hosted VoIP seats deployed. I guess the themes of the year are as follows:
Large Players enter the market: This year we saw a market entry by Vodafone and BT Wholesale, also we have seen momentum from both Cable & Wireless and Virgin business. So this year we saw a large increase in the channel capacity for Hosted VoIP
Broadsoft & Hipcom Winners in Supplier market: This year we also saw more consolidation in the Soft switch market, with both Gamma & Inclarity choosing to move to a Broadsoft switch. Also we have seen significant progress from Hipcom announcing BT Wholesale, Star and recently Kingston with BT on their platform which incorporates Broadsoft
Number Porting: As we interviewed providers for our annual reports coming out next week, we found that there were still large issues with number porting, as the systems that were originally setup when there were 4 providers creak under the pressure. I am sure this is an issue that is going to come more and more to the fore this year.
Thanks to all the providers who continue to support our research efforts. As I mentioned above our annual SIP Trunking and Hosted reports will be published next week.


1. Mayer Segal - July 12, 2011

I like hosted, managed VOIP the best because the telecom pipe is reliable and the provider gives consistent, reliable QoS of the phone system. It’s scalable nature grows with the business; it’s far more affordable to install and maintain than a premise-based PBX system AND, is portable (softphone on laptop or smartphone.). I sell these services to businesses with 5-100 employees.

Sam Rozenfeld - November 1, 2011

Although I myself am a big proponent of hosted VoIP there is no denying that Hosted VoIP presents challenges of its own: mainly in the area of provisioning, call quality assurance and secutity. Take it from someone who actually has first hand experience with all of these issues.

2. Eric Witheridge - February 2, 2012

Hosted telephone switchboards can offer more than is possible on proprietory PBX systems. Particularly easy to configure open links with other systems such as MS Office and Google and CRM systems. The challenges tend to come from the poor network structure at customer sites which can be easily solved. Access to a free service like http://www.babblevoice.com will allow IT staff to test VOIP at their site free of charge to see if the internal network is properly set up.

3. ewitheridge - February 2, 2012

Reblogged this on omniis and commented:
Excellent information proving the success of VOIP systems

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