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Convergence Summit – Microsoft Lync March 27, 2011

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking and attending the Convergence Summit North in Manchester, it was a good event as usual staged by Miles, Ian & team at MPL. Unfortunately I was only able to stay for the first day, but managed to take in a talk from Malcolm Bullock from Microsoft. Malcolm presented an interesting update on Microsoft Lync, what was particularly interesting was the advances they had made in PBX capability, that they had now built into the product. Indeed the presentation left me with the feeing that Microsoft was starting to take on the PBX community directly, and the previous story of various partnership with the likes of Nortel are not as strategic as was previously the case with OCS. Indeed when asked Michael highlighted that the service now was a 100% viable PBX solution.  Indeed when Michael showed us what devices had been tested with Lync compared with OCS there is a marked difference, i guess if I was a PBX vendor I would not rush out to partner with Microsoft. The product appeared to still be targeted at the Mid to large enterprise customer similar to OCS, but apparently the cost has been reduced by a reduction in the amount of equipment required and improvements in the product. It will be interesting if Microsoft start denting the traditional PBX market.

UK Sip Trunking continues Hyper Growth March 8, 2011

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illume announces the launch of the annual SIP/IP trunking Market Report and forecast. The report shows that the uk market ended at 231,000 trunks at the end of December 2010, the report details illume’s forecast for the coming 3 years, also highlighting the market dynamics and key providers. illume is very positive about the prospects for the market highlighting a period of hyper growth. To find out more about the report please visit: http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk/research.shtml