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Mitel – Strategy Discussion June 22, 2011

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Yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting Mitels Graham Bevington who now heads up international markets for Mitel. Graham was giving me an update on their strategy particularly on their hosted capability.
I was really impressed a couple of years ago when Mitel were the first traditional PBX manufacturer to realise that they were going to be in the software business, and they would not be making all their money from selling proprietary hardware in the future.
Graham highlighted that they had been gaining traction for their Multinstance MICD & VMware hosted offerings amongst both carriers and IT & voices solution providers. These solutions enable enterprise to have their own instance of a software based pbx managed either within a VMware environment or within a Mitels MICD environment. These services are particularly attractive to medium and large enterprises who want the ability to integrate applications with their own instances, rather than multi-tenanted environments which will not allow this level of per customer customisation.
Also in a wider discussion about the industry it was interesting to discuss the future of distribution when we move into more of an online world. As was widely reported Mitel pulled out of traditional distribution a few years ago. However in the future they may indeed be engaging with “Network” based distributor’s, these companies like Gamma would provide the hosting and carrier environment which reseller could then host customers virtual instances in. So where traditional distributor’s capabilities were based around logistics and channel management, the logistics in the future will be around hosting and carrier capability. So maybe we will see Niman’s purchase a data centre ?.
We also discussed that basic call control capability was now going to be offered on different server environments, and the real battle was going to be engaged around UC applications. All in all an interesting chat and I think if Mitel can execute they certainly will be well set amongst their peers.

Mobile VoIP/UC due to Explode June 12, 2011

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illume consulting has been having an amazingly interesting start to 2011 travelling to some of the most interesting markets in the world including; Palestine, Malaysia, Nigeria, Trinidad and most recently South Korea. South Korea maybe an example of what we are likely to see in Uk and other European Markets!. The explosion of mobile data is quite amazing, with growth rates that would make most network planner quake in their boots. One of the interesting dynamics in this market is the recent growth in MVoIP/UC applications, the handset market in South Korea is dominated by Samsung Android devices and we have seen the development of both straight MVoIP applications but also integrated Video/Social Networking & chat applications, the growth of these service has been particularly prominent in the last 6 months. These services include Kakaotalk, Tango & Hithere amongst others. Tango is a video calling applications, Kakaotalk is more of a chat based service & Hithere integration with messaging. With the increasing use of Apple Facetime these OTT video and chat services will be an interesting challenge to the existing mobile operators. VoIP operators who are looking at integration with mobile networks,y may want to look at these applications for a steer towards what capability they could offer in the future. Interestingly in pretty much all the above markets their is a significant move towards hosted VoIP based enterprise funtionality, we look forward to seeing how the Uk VoIP market is developing when we gather our latest figures at the end of June.