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IP Trunking market grows to 331,000 September 5, 2011

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In the first 6 months until end of June we have seen continued strong growth in the IP/SIP Trunking market with a figure of 331,00 trunks as of 30th of June, a 43% growth in the first 6 months of the year. Although slightly behind our forecast from the beginning of the year the trend seem to be bucking equivalent trends in PBX market. illume will publish a new forecast in the next week and update its annual report which is available from http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk.

Vegastream Assets purchased by Sangoma September 5, 2011

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Vegastream has long been one of the pioneers in the VoIP Gateway business, on the 22nd of August its assets were purchased out of administration by Sangoma for around £0.9million. Vegastream always had a reputation for good technical solutions but had been hampered by ongoing manufacturing/supply issues that had hampered their development. It appears that Sangoma may have got a bargain interms of the technology but will have to go some way to build the trust of channels again. Interestingly i often get asked by Gateway manufacturers about the UK market as compared to other markets their has been a limited up take of gateways with providers often prefering to nativeley test various PBXs. However with the increase growth in the number of SIP trunking vendors, and price presure on Gateway devices we may see a growth in the market. Also we have seen other Gateway operators like One Access offering an ever broadening set of services to their customers rather than a pure gateway approach. I am sad to see Vegastream being sold, as they have certainly been one of the pioneers of the market in the UK.