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Business Hosted VoIP market continues to Grow Strongly March 14, 2012

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In illume’s annual research we saw another year of strong market growth, even with the tough economic and market conditions. The Hosted VoIP market stood at 877273 seats at the end of the period, towards the end of the year we saw quite a lot of market activity with strong growth in the last quarter reported by a number of the providers.

At the start of the year we are hearing of new launches both from start-ups and traditional larger Telco’s.  One of the main drivers in the larger enterprise  has been Ciscos aggressive  roll out of its HCS service to carriers targeting this group.  illume is aware of a number of  carriers who are considering this service and we expect to see announcements shortly. Also illume has become aware of some other new VoIP businesses including http://www.synety.com, http://www.myphones.com.

VoIP providers received a boost with the reduction in wholesale mobile termination rates, which immediately impacted their bottom line positively.  Obviously over time this value will be passed on to its customers but in the short term a welcome positive impact on bottom line.

The main area of product innovation continues to be mobile integration, with a large number of MVNOs launched at the end of the year with players like TeleWare offering very interesting solutions. Also we expect to see more integrated fixed mobile services offered both by  ITSPs & Mobile Operators.

In the coming year we expect to see continued growth, and illume published its market report and forecast at the end of 2011 which is available at illumes website http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk.


Mobile World Congress Barcelona – Blisters, Data explosion & Much more March 2, 2012

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I have just returned from 2 days  in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, the show is still amazing interms of its pure scale & opulence, and after 2 days of trudging round I certainly had Blisters.

A lot of the show is dominated by the usual hardware and network equipment which in general I find fairly boring, the biggest buzz at the show was probably around the Android application area and the Application Planet. Outside of this there were a few trends that caught my eye:

Mobile Data Growth & Small Cell – The general theme constant through out the show was the mobile Data explosion, and what carriers were able to do both to monetise this and deal with the related pressure on their network. From a technology perspective there was a number of technologies being shown to address this, one  massive trend seemed to be the proliferation of small cell technology. Small cells like Femto being used in homes & office to provide better connectivity & relieving pressure on traditional network.  There is some really interesting data at the http://www.smallcellforum.org, who stated that this year there will be more small cells than normal cells.  Also SKT telecom in Korea are even rolling out small cell units for LTE delivery, and there is 40 carriers offering them today with another 53 planning to role out shortly. In the UK Vodafone are offering the service.

Connected Devices – Ericsson CEO gave an interesting Key note where he stated that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. One of the big issues is how is the user is  going to manage and communicate with these device,s whether they are IP surveillance, power meters, entertainment systems etc. One of the key thoughts is that Facebook may be the way we do this, with users actually friending their  devices, mad as this may seem facebook is starting to become the only common interface for 90% of consumers.

 IMS/Unfied Comms – At the show there was a couple of significant announcements from both Acme Packet and Thrupoint. Acme announced both a partnership with Broadsoft & HP,  this strengthens their role in the emerging market for Service providers who want to offer a simplified IMS type offering linking disperate IP network elements and key application service.  Thrupoint announced its new service Fusion for service providers, helping  service providers offer a set of UCaas services regardless of whether a company has multiple PBX types & different IP application types. I presonally think both these announcements  demonstrate an interesting trend as Enterprises want some of the benefits of Unified Comms but are not going to rip and replace their existing estate to achieve it.

I saw a number of new initiatives from both Broadsoft and Genband which will appear in upcoming posts & reports.

For details of announcements any background infomation see: