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Call minutes from business mobiles outnumber those from fixed business lines for the first time. September 12, 2013

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One of the most interesting things for Service Providers that we have seen come out of this years Ofcom 2012 communication report has been the rise in business mobile. For the first time, there were more business calls from mobiles then from fixed business lines as business mobile calls totaled 25 billion minutes compared to 24.2 billion from fixed lines, accounting for 50.9% of the total calls.

This move towards business users making more calls on mobiles is likely to continue as businesses embrace flexible working practices such as homeworking and hot-desking. Having the same user experience regardless of whether the user has a mobile or a fixed line will be key to the success of VoIP on mobiles as users strive for a more flexible solution.

As mobile calls dominate business call usage, VoIP providers should be looking to take advantage of this and provide their customers with a high quality FMC service. Those who neglect this side of the VoIP business could in the future find it hard to catch up with those who have adopted a solution early on. With mobile set to dominate calls in the future, can Service Providers afford to ignore mobile?