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Cisco is in the process of building a Global InterCloud for their Partners May 6, 2014

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Cisco’s InterCloud, announced last month at their Worldwide Partner conference in Las Vegas, is opening their opportunities to offer new services to market. By building a ‘global network of clouds’ on Cisco’s own technologies, they will be able to offer all their partners and service providers a way to quickly offer Cisco services to their end customers.

The InterCloud will offer a number of Cisco Cloud Services to their Partners as well as enabling them to interact with other providers clouds to extend their portfolio through new Cisco cloud offers for faster time to market and global scale. Hosted across a global network of Cisco and partner data centers, the Cisco Intercloud will offer the ability to achieve speed and scalability along with an suite of value-added application and network-centric cloud services.

Telstra, the largest Australian operator, was the first company to sign up to partner with InterCloud with Cisco deploying and running their cloud infrastructure on behalf of Telstra. Telstra in return will provide their customers with both Cisco and Telstra-specific cloud solutions. APIs that are embedded into the InterCloud will allow Telstra to connect with any other partner that is also in the InterCloud, giving them a more international reach without investing into other countries directly.

Cisco InterCloud strategy will have to walk a fine line with Partners as the InterCloud will on one hand enabling existing providers to bring services to market quicker but on the other hand could be construed as competitive behavior against their existing products. With other potential partners such as Allstream; Ingram Micro, Logicalis Group; OnX Managed Services, and Wipro announcing their support for the InterCloud, illume believe that models such as this and what we have seen from Broadsoft may assist partners both get to market quicker as creating their own infrastructure can be costly and difficult to implement.

Illume commented on Broadsoft’s acquisition of Hipcom in 2013, as the situation is relatively similar in terms of bringing a potentially competitive product to market against their own customers. In Broadsoft’s case, the takeover actually happened so that Broadsoft could offer their Partners a faster way to deliver services to their customers. With Cisco building their cloud to be able to offer their services as well as bringing their products to market faster then the competition, illume’s analysts does not expect it will be long before others start to look at doing the same.


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