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Genband looking at new approaches – Outcome as a Service & Kandy June 12, 2014

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Genband Perspectives 14 has seen a range of speakers discuss the role of Genband in the future as it looks to move away from what it calls a level 2 supplier to a level 3 or level 4 supplier. Ultimately rather than just selling products and services to its customer it starts to offer “Outcome as a Service” where it can jointly take the risk with the customer and share in their success.

The other theme has been how “Kandy” capability will allow customers to quickly build new services, and build on existing Genband Product capability alongside the new capabilities that have recently been made available with acquisitions such as FRING, UREACH and WebRTC can bring.

“Outcome as a service” is certainly an interesting principal, as many Service Providers have found the requirement to commit to large capex risks and being landed with inflexible licensing regimes stifles the development of their business.

Currently the Outcome as a Service principal seems to be supported by increase flexibility around the way you can use licenses, the ability to buy services from the cloud on a consumer basis (Genband Nuvea) and the ability to offset capital costs against future energy saving.

The focus on potential savings for service providers in reducing power consumption and cost were really interesting. David Walsh CEO of Genband highlighted that the thousands of central offices that power the PSTN in the US use more than 12 billion kilowatt hours of power every year, which compares to the power consumption of more than one million homes annually and the CO2 emissions of more than two million cars. He highlighted that moving to a modern infrastructure can offer energy savings in the region of 88%, space savigns of 85% and CO2 of 40+%.

We also heard from Murat Armbuster from COEffiect company that they will provide Service Provider with finance against these savings that will mean providers can fund the change to an IP Network without having to spend any capex 

With a lot of fan fair Paul Pluschkell (Genband new Silicon Valley veteran) pre announced (Kandy), although its not going to be launch to September we had a number of demonstrations and use case discussed. To cut through the hype what Kandy appears to be is a middleware that sits on top of all the core capabilities of existing Genband products and also links with WebRTC and newer services such as FRING. What it does is provides developers or Service Providers with tools that enable them to build services quickly and simply using simple APIs and tools.

As an example the FRING team demonstrated how you could build a simple concierge service onto a website in a couple of minutes, providing WebRTC based Video and Call Centre and Hunt Groups in a couple of minutes. I think Kandy demonstrates a change at Genband as they are clearly focusing more and more on enabling applications and developers on top of their platform rather than focusing on just selling core services. The question in my mind is whether Kandy will be a tool the service provider will use or will it be more for enabling developers to go over the top of carriers we will have to wait and see.


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