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Cavell Research Shows Customers Leapfrogging SIP to a Hosted VoIP Solution September 2, 2016

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Cavell Group’s latest IP Voice market reports show unexpected market dynamics, with the SIP Trunking market performing slower than expected and the Hosted VoIP market continuing to grow strongly.

Cavell has seen strong growth across all segments of the Hosted VoIP market in the last six months. The market has shown 11% growth reaching a total of 2,423,123 Business Hosted VoIP seats, while the SIP Trunking market has only grown 9.94% in the last six months to a total of 2,113,528 SIP trunks. This is a slowdown in the migration from ISDN to SIP Trunking and may show that customers are leapfrogging SIP to move directly to a hosted solution.

In the previous six months (June to December 2015) the SIP Trunking market had grown by 13.73%, hence during these six months the market has suffered a slowdown, which Cavell believe is due to a few key factors, such as BT’s announcement of 2025 as the End-of-Life of the ISDN Network having yet to stimulate customers and providers to make immediate migrations. Also, the market for SIP is becoming increasingly competitive from a price perspective, leading service providers to drive customers toward more lucrative Hosted VoIP solutions, and lastly, easy-to-migrate customers have already moved, meaning the remaining customers may need specific technical or commercial considerations.

Matthew Townend, Director of Research & Consulting at Cavell stated:

“There is probably not one Call Centre in the land that has not migrated from ISDN to SIP, but the remaining approximately 50% of the market set to migrate, is going to need more compelling commercial and technical reasons to move.”

“If providers do not build a migration plan for their ISDN customers, they are likely to see the Hosted VoIP providers move them to their services before they react”, he added.

If you are interested in finding out more about the UK Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking markets, the reports have been released for purchase today and are available on our website: www.cavellgroup.com/uk-research-reports. or contact Francisca Dinga francisca.dinga@cavellgroup.com













Cavell is beginning latest round of research on the UK Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking markets July 7, 2016

Posted by Dominic Black in VoIP Numbers.
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Cavell is commencing our latest round of research on the Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking markets and is looking for input from Service Providers into our survey. As many of you are aware, the data that is inputed for our research is used to build a total market picture for the VoIP and SIP markets across the UK and individual company data is confidential.

Cavell will be running a webinar in August to go over the top level findings with those companies that have contributed to the survey and will receive discount codes to our upcoming European VoIP Summits.

Please follow the links for each survey below, each one should take around 5 minutes and your input is greatly appreciated

Hosted VoIP

SIP Trunking

If you would like to discuss this research or speak to one of our analysts, please contact Dominic Black at dominic.black@cavellgroup.com


UK SIP Trunking market shows strong growth but mainly from a few specialist Service Providers February 22, 2016

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The SIP Trunking market has seen strong growth, especially in the Large Enterprise segment with the midmarket also growing faster then expected. By the end of December, the UK SIP Trunking market had grown by 232,070 Trunks (13.73%) since June 2015. This was one of the largest growth periods that Cavell has tracked only surpassed by the same period in 2014.

This has however led to 2015 showing the largest growth the whole year as the market added a total of 453,131 Trunks (31%). Cavell expects that the SIP market will continue to show strong growth as Service Providers take advantage of the end-of-life of the ISDN and PSTN networks. Cavell is already starting to see signs of how Service Providers are using this announcement as valuable marketing material, sowing the seeds of uncertainty to potential customers who are still utilizing those networks.

We are seeing growth in SIP driven by a focused set of Service Providers, both specialist SIP players and some traditional Tier 1 & 2 operators. As competition hot’s up Cavell believes that there will be continued pressure on pricing and possibly even further pressure for market consolidation. We are already seeing certain Service Providers look at how they can differentiate from SIP Capacity type services by looking to integrate more advance applications as completion and customer requirement changes.

Cavell will be releasing the full report on the UK SIP Trunking market in the next few weeks which includes:

  • Five year forecast for the market size by customer size
  • Market revenues and Forecast for Channel and Voice revenue streams
  • Pricing analysis
  • Future drivers and roadblock to future market expansion
  • Technology changes
  • List of Service Providers selling SIP Trunking services in the UK
  • Other important developments and analysis on the SIP Trunking market

The report is available to pre-order from our website here: http://www.cavellgroup.com/index.php/research/reports


SIP Trunking still talk of the town at Convergence Summit May 2, 2013

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At the Convergence Summit in Manchester this week much of the talk focused around the growth of SIP trunks in the market. At the summit this year there was the ability to ask the audience questions and get immediate feedback.  These surveys clearly demonstrated that the SIP market is booming at the moment with 67% of those asked were selling SIP at the moment. Also in a session where Matt Townend from illume was presenting only 2 % of the audience were just selling ISDN. Also the audience confirmed that the main reason that SIP is so successful over ISDN was cost with 58% calling it the main reason why their customers were moving to SIP. Other reasons were the ability to overlay other UC services along with SIP (23%) and disaster recovery (13%).  These results back up illume research recently released report on the market that demonstrated some similar trends.


Although clearly the market is booming the audience highlighted Security as the biggest concern with 62% of those who answered were worried about security problems with SIP trunks. This was echoed in talks with providers such as Hello Telecom at the event who highlighted the fact that they will be upping their security on products sold and giving more information to end users in ways to protect themselves. 


This is not to say that ISDN and hosted VoIP is completely safe compared to SIP trunking. Criminals are not stupid and they will always try to find a way to get around any security put in place; the goal of companies is to keep their systems one step ahead. Most of the VoIP companies such as VanillaIP and Hello are introducing credit locking where if unusual usage is noticed, the system will shut down so that it can get examined and see if fraudulent activity was taking place. This reduces the instances of fraud and will be a useful tool to prevent massive costs from piling up. In terms of the benefits of SIP over ISDN, it is next to impossible to build security into ISDN lines whereas SIP connections can have security systems built into them.  


With the SIP market evolving to the point where security might become a differentiating factor between systems .The future of the SIP market may see underlying SIP trunks being more commoditized and where differentiation will be through applications and the service wrap and it is hard to imagine that security will not be one of the key drivers in this.


However it is clear that a large percentage of the UK channel is now fully focused around SIP, and we expect to see the growth of the last few years continue to accelerate. 

UK IP/SIP Trunking Market reaches 570,232 July 23, 2012

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Following the completion of illumes biannual industry research, we can report that the IP/SIP trunking market has reached 570,232 trunks. This figure represents  continued strong growth from the previous period, and shows no signs of slowing up with Service Providers reporting strong funnels in the coming months.

We also looked at where this base was being sold in terms of company size please see chart below:

As you can see by the chart above the market is still dominated by large organisations, who generally have delivered IP/SIP trunks over quality enabled networks. However we are starting to see the impact of both EFM and FTTC  technologies, which will open up the SME opportunity further.

Also Enterprise provider were starting to see customer utilise Microsoft Lync as a replacement to an onsite PBX, and 60% of providers we undertaking testing of Microsoft Lync with their SIP/IP Trunking solutions.

We will be updating our Market reports in August to reflect this latest report. To find our more about our research please go to http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk/research.shtml

Mobile World Congress Barcelona – Blisters, Data explosion & Much more March 2, 2012

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I have just returned from 2 days  in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, the show is still amazing interms of its pure scale & opulence, and after 2 days of trudging round I certainly had Blisters.

A lot of the show is dominated by the usual hardware and network equipment which in general I find fairly boring, the biggest buzz at the show was probably around the Android application area and the Application Planet. Outside of this there were a few trends that caught my eye:

Mobile Data Growth & Small Cell – The general theme constant through out the show was the mobile Data explosion, and what carriers were able to do both to monetise this and deal with the related pressure on their network. From a technology perspective there was a number of technologies being shown to address this, one  massive trend seemed to be the proliferation of small cell technology. Small cells like Femto being used in homes & office to provide better connectivity & relieving pressure on traditional network.  There is some really interesting data at the http://www.smallcellforum.org, who stated that this year there will be more small cells than normal cells.  Also SKT telecom in Korea are even rolling out small cell units for LTE delivery, and there is 40 carriers offering them today with another 53 planning to role out shortly. In the UK Vodafone are offering the service.

Connected Devices – Ericsson CEO gave an interesting Key note where he stated that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. One of the big issues is how is the user is  going to manage and communicate with these device,s whether they are IP surveillance, power meters, entertainment systems etc. One of the key thoughts is that Facebook may be the way we do this, with users actually friending their  devices, mad as this may seem facebook is starting to become the only common interface for 90% of consumers.

 IMS/Unfied Comms – At the show there was a couple of significant announcements from both Acme Packet and Thrupoint. Acme announced both a partnership with Broadsoft & HP,  this strengthens their role in the emerging market for Service providers who want to offer a simplified IMS type offering linking disperate IP network elements and key application service.  Thrupoint announced its new service Fusion for service providers, helping  service providers offer a set of UCaas services regardless of whether a company has multiple PBX types & different IP application types. I presonally think both these announcements  demonstrate an interesting trend as Enterprises want some of the benefits of Unified Comms but are not going to rip and replace their existing estate to achieve it.

I saw a number of new initiatives from both Broadsoft and Genband which will appear in upcoming posts & reports.

For details of announcements any background infomation see:





IP Trunking market grows to 331,000 September 5, 2011

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In the first 6 months until end of June we have seen continued strong growth in the IP/SIP Trunking market with a figure of 331,00 trunks as of 30th of June, a 43% growth in the first 6 months of the year. Although slightly behind our forecast from the beginning of the year the trend seem to be bucking equivalent trends in PBX market. illume will publish a new forecast in the next week and update its annual report which is available from http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk.

UK Sip Trunking continues Hyper Growth March 8, 2011

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illume announces the launch of the annual SIP/IP trunking Market Report and forecast. The report shows that the uk market ended at 231,000 trunks at the end of December 2010, the report details illume’s forecast for the coming 3 years, also highlighting the market dynamics and key providers. illume is very positive about the prospects for the market highlighting a period of hyper growth. To find out more about the report please visit: http://www.illumeconsulting.co.uk/research.shtml